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Being a Generalist

In over a dozen years of legal practice, I have developed expertise in family law, divorce, mediation, and employment law, to name a few. But the great advantage of being a per diem attorney is that I can be a true generalist. I may be working on a divorce case this week, determining tricky choice […]

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Detachment – A Per Diem Attorney’s Virtue

When a client is looking for an attorney, they are not looking for detachment. They are probably looking for a zealous advocate. Your ability to advocate for your clients is your virtue. It is also your headache, as it may keep you up at night and have a deleterious effect on your stomach lining. One […]

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Why Use a Per Diem Attorney?

I often meet attorneys who have never considered using a per diem attorney. It has simply never occurred to them. Yet when I ask solo practitioners “how’s business?” they will often complain of a busy caseload, and wish they could afford some help. Hiring a full time associate is a problem when you can’t be […]

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A Real Pinch Hit

Why would you need a pinch-hitting attorney? Has anything like this ever happened in your law office? Imagine you are a sole practitioner with one associate. Your top client is being sued. You have three days to file a responsive pleading, which will involve a dozen or more exhibits. Your associate is in court all […]

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