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Helping you help yourself

I’ve been providing per diem services to other lawyers for many years, generally to rave reviews. I can do the research and writing you don’t have time for, or be in court for you when you can’t be in two places at once, or be that second set of eyes and ears, that second trained […]

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Being a Generalist

In over a dozen years of legal practice, I have developed expertise in family law, divorce, mediation, and employment law, to name a few. But the great advantage of being a per diem attorney is that I can be a true generalist. I may be working on a divorce case this week, determining tricky choice […]

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In with the New

Happy Holidays! As we approach a new year, I’m ready to bring on some changes here at Per Diem New Jersey. I will be adding profiles of some other highly skilled per diem attorneys, so we can serve more attorneys in need of per diem legal help. Soon I hope we will be able to […]

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I’ve got Connections

I’ve been getting to know a number of per diem attorneys around New Jersey. I can’t always handle the per diem assignments that come my way, whether because you need a 9 am appearance in Bergen or Cape May and I can’t get up at 4 am to make that happen, or because my plate […]

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Looking for a few good per diem attorneys

Here’s a heads up to what’s coming – a new site design. I’m looking for a few good per diem attorneys, who practice in New Jersey, and who’d like to take advantage of the great web placement I’m getting here on I have a limited number of slots for attorneys who would like to […]

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Choice of Law

Exercising the brain keeps you young, doesn’t it? Per diem legal work is a fountain of youth, then. There’s nothing like reasoning through a nice meaty choice of law issue to keep the synapses firing! I’m working on choice of law in insurance coverage where multiple states have a connection to the accident.

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The Advantage of being a Generalist

Recently I have been researching a number of questions for a personal injury attorney-client. As a per diem attorney I enjoy being a generalist and gaining experience and knowledge in many different areas of practice. In the 1990’s I wrote a number of plaintiff’s side insurance settlement letters in personal injury cases for another attorney-client. […]

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NJ Courts join national trend: dismissing foreclosures for failure to produce mortgage note.

Both state and federal bankruptcy judges in New Jersey have recently dismissed residential foreclosure actions where the lender could not produce the actual mortgage note in a timely fashion. I am looking forward to reading the cases in more detail – it appears there should be help for distressed homeowners here. If any attorneys out […]

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Another Set of Eyes and Ears

When you are work in a large firm, there is always another attorney or two with whom you can check your impressions or judgment about a case, and get some additional strategy ideas. If you are a solo practitioner or in a quite small firm, you often have to proceed without those eyes and ears. […]

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Detachment – A Per Diem Attorney’s Virtue

When a client is looking for an attorney, they are not looking for detachment. They are probably looking for a zealous advocate. Your ability to advocate for your clients is your virtue. It is also your headache, as it may keep you up at night and have a deleterious effect on your stomach lining. One […]

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